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22% of Malaysians working in the financial services sector feel unhappy at their current job. Are you one of them?

Some of them said that it is because of the continuous pressure to work hard so they can climb up the ranks in their bank. This leads to unhealthy habits like working overtime on top of the inflexible working hours.

This in turn encourages negative experiences like office politics or a culture where people are not open to helping each other just to get ahead of their colleagues, who are basically, their competition for the promotion.

And even if someone puts in a lot of effort, the payout is not necessarily the same as the work he/she does.

On the other hand, there are some who feel unhappy because they felt the advice they were giving to clients was biased in order to benefit the banks they were working for.

So is the rat race really worth it?

 Well, it doesn’t have to be like this.  What if there’s a way for you to have:

Flexible working hours.

Be rewarded by how much you work.

More free time for yourself to rest and spend with your loved ones.

No office politics, no corporate ladder to climb and no need to work overtime.

Build your own portfolio of clients that will follow you.

Give fair and unbiased advice that will actually benefit your clients.

Join others who are making a difference in the finance sector in Johor Bahru while earning what they truly deserve.

(Don’t worry this is NOT an employment opportunity in the real estate or insurance market or a MLM company.)

We are looking to fill the position of… ‘Mortgage Consultant’.

Fast rising in prominence, mortgage consulting has been touted as the “missing piece in Malaysians’ personal finance portfolio.”

Armed with banking knowledge, mortgage consultants help consumers secure the best home loan in town.

A home-owner can save anywhere from RM 1K to RM 20K per year as a direct result of our advice and recommendation.

What does a mortgage consultant job entail:

Grateful customers who are happy to refer you more customers because the service is free. Check out our 5 star reviews on Facebook written by happy customers.

Attractive incentives and payout from referral partners.

Clear individual performance based remuneration. (Think Banking without the Politics.)

Output-focused instead of hours-driven, which means there's no fixed 9-to-5 (or 8 or 10) work hours.

Established training process, experienced mentors and a culture of cooperation

Help your clients to save money on their mortgage loan and help them secure a property of their dreams.

Our Bank Partners

Who is Top Mortgage Solution?

What separates Top Mortgage Solution (TMS) from other lenders is our unique ability to deliver strong, solid home lending with personalised, individual service to best fit client’s specific needs.

Even though, TMS has been established for less than 2 years, we have manage to train couple of elites which are able to earn good money, network and personal development in the industry.

As of 2019, we have an unrivalled track record in the industry in terms of mortgage experience and the number of satisfied clients.

Currently, we have more than RM 1 billion in retail mortgages, covering over 2,200 properties and mortgage loan cases ranging from RM 50K to RM 15million.

What does a mortgage consultant job entail:

We’re a young, vibrant, fun and fast growing company. We work hard but we also play hard.

At TMS, we help each other out like we’re family to help our company achieve results. Our mentors will teach and guide you so you can start closing your own deals and clients as soon as possible.

This is not for everyone!

Before you start sending your resume in, please read this section first.

As a rapidly growing consultancy in Malaysia, our consultants experience one of the highest success rates and income potential in the industry.

This is because we’ve created a community of like-minded consultants who are ready to excel!

 Please apply if you are a: 


Some of our best advisors start with no experience, just sheer determination and genuine interest to help more home-owners with their loans.

Fast Learner

From guidelines of 16 banks to solicitor procedures, you will come across a flurry of jargons like nothing you have experienced before. You will have to learn real fast.

Resilient Person

It’s going to be very tough, at least at the beginning. Some people who joined us couldn’t even last a week. Only proceed if you have the determination.

People's Person

It’s going to be very tough, at least at the beginning. Some people who joined us couldn’t even last a week. Only proceed if you have the determination.

Our Process

Mortgage consultancy orientation


20 hours mortgage intensive training course

Mortgage proficiency test

Start of Mortgage consultancy career!

Why is mortgage advisory taking off?

In 2018, the total new housing loan is RM 133 billion according to Bank Negara Malaysia’s guideline.

But most of the applicants didn’t know that they have an option to seek for mortgage consultant help for their application which can generally increase their success rate. It is safe to say most people need a mortgage at some point in their life in this part of the world.

In fact, most people need it more than once. Unlike most financial products, mortgages are a necessity, not a want. Hence, expertise in mortgage consultancy is highly sought after.

On top of that, since the market is still growing, it’s not saturated unlike the property and insurance market, where competition is intense.


Is this a sales job?

Consulting is at the heart of what we do. Instead of selling home loan products, we serve as a consultant in the process of consumers getting a home loan from a bank. Consumers transact directly with the bank instead of Top Mortgage Solution.

What happens if I get accepted by Top Mortgage Solution?

Whether or not you have prior banking experience, you will have to go through a 20 hours training course, culminating in a proficiency test that will assess all aspects of your knowledge.

Is this an insurance job?

Mortgage consultants are specialists in the area of mortgage. On the other hand, insurance is additional income which can build your passive income.

How much can I earn?

Many of our consultants who came from the bank earn more than what they used to, with less gruelling hours.

That said, compensation is commensurate with individual performance and varies from person to person. It is recommended that candidates only proceed if they are sure of such a career path.

Is mortgage consulting common?

In Malaysia, it is fast gaining traction. On the other side of the world, the practice is already widespread. Close to 70% of all residential loans in the United States are brokered through a mortgage consultant. According to a 2004 study by Wholesale Access Mortgage Research & Consulting, Inc., a whopping 53,000 of mortgage brokerage companies employ an estimate of 418,700 employees. Suffice to say, it is a norm to have one’s mortgage taken care of by an intermediary which is mortgage consultant or broker in the States.

What’s the progression in this industry?

You’ll progress from Mortgage Planner to Mortgage Consultant to Team Manager to Development Partner then Business Partner.

Right now, you have 2 choices.

Do nothing and continue living the life that you are unhappy with at your bank and keep working overtime, without knowing if you’ll even get that promotion.

Moreover, you’ll be stuck working the inflexible working hours which doesn’t even reward you with the payout that is equal to the effort that you put in.

Or you can take action now and live a life where you’ll be happier with more work-life balance and you’re actually able to help your clients with the best unbiased advice.

You’ll even get a payout that justifies the amount of work you put in. Even better, you won’t have to put up with any office politics and no longer have to worry about climbing the corporate ladder.

If you are ready to change your life for the better, then take the first step and submit your application below.

Send in my application

Before proceeding, please check the section under “Who are we looking for” to make sure you gain an understanding of what you are in for.

Only Malaysians need apply.

Case Studies

1. 5 Bank Rejection, in the end still approved.
2. Working in Singapore
3. Unstable Income self employed.
4. Business owner
5. Refinancing save money
6. Debt Console
7. Unlimited 90% loan

Refinancing Case Study – Business Owner

Client at a glance

Marital Status – Married 2 Children

Occupation – Mobile Phone Retailer

Annual Income – RM190K

Location – Johor Bahru

Executive Summary

Top Mortgage Solution helped a Business Owner save approximately RM400 a month through refinancing their home loan