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How Mortgage Consultant help?

While ordinary banks may be able to help you with general loans, they may not have the skills, experience or resources to genuinely help property investors and 1st home buyers to get their loan succeed and long-term investment returns.

And sadly, some bankers seem more interested in merely signing new clients (because that’s where they earn their commission) than providing ongoing loan tracking and support to maximise your loan serviceability, tax savings and wealth creation.


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Commercial & Industrial Property Loan

Home Construction Loan

Bridging Loan

Foreigner Home Loan

Equity Loan

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Interest Cost Management

Case Study


1. Restructuring 3 Loans Saving approx. 700
2. Self employed loans success after declare failed by Bankers
3. Business Owners secured dream house saving approx. 2000/month

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Introducing a Strategic approach to maximizing your loan serviceability, tax savings & wealth creation.

While most banks and mortgage consultants focus on merely getting you a loan, Top Mortgage Solution is committed to getting you a comprehensive investment result which may include…
– Best interest rates in the market
– Flexible loan conditions and serviceability
– and a loan structure that facilitates tax savings and maximises further property investment opportunities.

In other words, Top Mortgage Solution helps you grow your property investment portfolio faster so you reach your financial freedom sooner.

Top Mortgage Solution specialises in helping professional & aspiring property investors.

 With more than 10 Years of specialist experience in property investment loans, and a genuine commitment to helping you get the right loan (and loan structure) for your situation. Top Mortgage Solution is the number one choice for professional and aspiring property investors. We’ve helped hundreds of people get the right loan and their achieve their goals. From high-income investors and large companies to self-employed clients, first home buyers and house hunters hoping to refinance in a hurry.

Top Mortgage Solution’s strategic approach and concierge service is specifically designed to give busy property investors the help you need to maximise your overall property investment results.